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Żubr embodies the power of peace. The guardian of the wilderness… in the privacy of your own home. It’s the perfect choice for every man who, after a long day at work, needs a moment of rest. Brewed at the Dojlidy Brewery on the edge of the ancient Białowieża Forest, Żubr brings you peace and harmony.


Żubr has been brewed in Poland since the Dojlidy Brewery opened in 1768. It has a full body consisting of medium sweetness and smooth bitterness. A pleasant hoppy aroma combined with an accent of caramel.

Size: 16.90 FL OZ ( 500 ml)

Packaging: 20 per case

Alc. by vol.: 6%

Beer Zubr Classic

This lager beer is dignified and majestic, at the same time. Full of strength and peace. Żubr is a strength of peace and a forest guard in … your home comfort.

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